Innocent Target

To clear her father's name...she'll risk her lifeNothing can stop journalist Kitty Linklater from proving her father was wrongfully convicted of murder—especially not a killer who wants to silence her. With the town turned against Kitty, Chief Deputy Ryan Lawrence isn't convinced of her father's innocence, but he's sure she's in danger. And he'll put his heart and job on the line to save her life...even it costs his own.
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Safe House Under Fire

No matter where they hideher pursuer always finds her...Bank clerk Lilly Olsen's the only witness who can identify a vicious conman—and nobody who's seen his face has ever lived to testify. While entering protective custody with FBI agent David McQueen is necessary, the pair can't agree on anything when it comes to managing Lilly's teen daughter. And everywhere they go, danger follows. Is it just coincidence...or has someone betrayed them?
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Stranger In The Night

Bride's Bay Resort: a luxurious playground with a colorful past and a romantic present! Generations of Jermains have catered to the rich and famous at their exclusive, family-owned hotel. Check in each month as love unfolds at Bride's Bay .... The whole country thought Rafe Jermain died a traitor, but not Terra Camden. To her he'd always be a hero, because the one night she met him, the sexy stranger had saved her life and given her the most precious thing she possessed--their son. Now, five years later, Terra is called to Bride's Bay, and Rafe is there, hiding out ...very much alive and needing her help. How can she refuse?
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