Someone Like You (Blue Club 1)

There are no knights in shining armor, at least not for Nicole. She tries to choose good guys, but always ends up with liars, cheats, or worse. Her childhood friend Sean is the only man that ever treated her right, but she hasn't seen him since they were children, and right now she just needs a way to look like she's dating without engaging her heart. Then she finds Club Blue, an escort agency full of stunning men that can't break your heart because it's simply business. It's the perfect plan and the perfect club, until one of the men is dark, handsome, and oddly familiar.If there was an award for being in the friend box, Sean would be the winner- thirteen years running. But he's no longer the little boy that Nicole used to rescue from playground bullies. He's tall, strong, and ready to do whatever it takes to protect his best friend from her own bad taste in men. Even if it means swapping out his black belt in Tae Kwon Do for something Armani. Too bad he's better at fighting than flirting, because it's only a matter of time before Nicole figures out who the grumpy new escort at Club Blue really is, and ejects him from her life.But Sean's going to do his best to master the use of hair gel and matching socks, because Nicole's wounds are deeper than he thought, and it's going to take time convince the girl of his dreams that love can heal anything.Someone Like You is a contemporary romance and the first in the Blue Club Books series. Only 99 cents for a limited debut.You can find more info at Blue Club Series in order1. Someone Like You2. Into the Blue
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