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Buried Roots

Perri Seamore visits Virginia with friends for a much-needed getaway between travel nursing assignments. She plans to catch up on her genealogy research, indulge in some relaxation and fun, as well as attend a Civil War Reenactment in which her friend's husband is participating. Perri spent the previous three months working in Seattle, so she and Nina haven't had much time to get together. The reenactment is a perfect chance for Tom to take part in his hobby while Nina and Perri get the chance to visit with each other, sight see, and enjoy a vacation in historic Richmond. The event begins as planned, with plenty of people in 19th century dress, kitchens serving foods from the 1860's, a historically accurate soldier's camp, and battle demonstrations by Confederate and Union reenactors, but the tone alters dramatically when a murder overshadows the activities. In the aftermath, it becomes clear the danger is still very real but no one knows who is behind it or why. Perri works with...
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Drawing on the Past

When her contract at the hospital ends unexpectedly, Perri Seamore accepts a spur-of-the-moment position filling in for a home health nurse. Soon after starting the job, she finds there is much more going on in southern Illinois than she anticipated.Pursuing her interest in genealogical research, Perri entangles herself in a centuries-old mystery surrounding a historic house in a nearly abandoned town, persistent rumors of hidden riches, and the double murder of the home's owners.
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Poison Branches

Perri Seamore plans a road trip to Kentucky for what she calls a cemetery crawl and some genealogy research. Taking a break after finishing her most recent temporary nursing assignment, Perri and her closest friend, Nina, decide to combine the family history trip with a girls' weekend away at a Bed & Breakfast. While Perri is searching cemeteries for old stones and looking through dusty documents, the details of a murder in a local cemetery begin to unfold and she finds herself helping the local detective uncover the motive and identity of the killer. A killer who won't stop at one murder.
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