A Quill Ladder

Now that the witches have been rescued from Nowhere and Mantis no longer seems to be a threat to Simon, Abbey Sinclair just wants to return to her quiet life of chemistry experiments and physics textbooks. But life is anything but quiet for the Sinclairs. Abbey's mother is taking secret trips to the stones with Caleb, Simon has been arrested for hacking into the City Hall computer, and to really complicate matters, the witches from Nowhere have moved in across the street. Meanwhile, Mark has become increasingly obsessed with some old maps of Coventry, convinced that their strange markings hide an important secret. But when others-witches, of course-start to show an interest in these very same maps, Abbey, Mark, and Caleb find themselves on the run. Soon the race is on to see who can unravel the secrets of the maps first, and Abbey still doesn't even know which witches are on the good side-if there is a good side.
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A Grave Tree

*A Grave Tree is available at the special price of 99 cents for the pre-order period only.*** To know, to will, to dare, to keep silent… Abbey’s parents are still missing, possibly trapped in a parallel universe, and the adults around her won't give her any answers. So when she and Caleb once again travel to a possible future—one in which Coventry City is very much not as it should be—it’s up to them, and their neighbour Mark, to try to find her parents and set things right. But it won’t be that easy. Abbey and Caleb become separated, the stones themselves seem to be breaking down, Mark encounters odd ghosts and his half-sister Sandy beneath the Granton Dam, Ian and Sylvain continue to lead them astray, and a powerful witch named Quinta is reshaping the futures to mysterious ends. To save the future—or at least get everyone home—science-minded Abbey may have to perform magic. And to do so, she will have to believe… **
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