My Sister's Reaper (Reaper's Rite)

Summary: Zadie accidentally messes with the Reaper’s Rite, and now both she and her sister must pay the price. 
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Ensign Flandry

After the first flowering of the Terran Empire, which has grown increasingly decadent and corrupt, other civilizations in the galaxy threaten to take over the Terran's worlds. In this scenario steps the debonair, tough and pessimistic Dominic Flandry, half-Hans Solo, half-James Bond and a hero for the ages!
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Oscar Wilde

Personal recollections from André Gide on a man who profoundly influenced his work—Oscar Wilde   André Gide, a towering figure in French letters, draws upon his friendship with Oscar Wilde to sketch a compelling portrait of the tragic, doomed author, both celebrated and shunned in his time. Rather than compile a complete biography, Gide invites us to discover Wilde as he did—from their first meeting in 1891 to their final parting just two years before Wilde's death—all told through Gide's sensitive, incomparable prose.   Using his notes, recollections, and conversations, Gide illuminates Wilde as a man whose true art was not writing, but living.   This ebook features a new introduction by Jeanine Parisier Plottel, selected quotes, and an image gallery.
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Claimed by the Alphas

Claimed by the Alphas: Part One is 17,000 words of werewolf/BBW romance. It is the first entry in the Claimed series, chronicling Mila Foster's efforts to hold her new pack together by accepting the claim of both of its alphas. The series will contain strong sexual themes and ménage romance, and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.
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Pretty Pink Ribbons

Dying . . . Dead . . . Deceased . . . It doesn’t matter how many times I say it or how many different names I give it, it still means the same thing. One of these days I’ll be nothing but a passing memory, a familiar face in a forgotten photo. But there are three things I need before this life of mine ends . . . I need to tell him I love him more than life itself. I need to feel the strength of his arms wrapped around me just one more night. Most of all, I need him to forgive me. Eight years ago I broke the heart of the only man I’ve ever loved and today I’m moving home in hopes that he’ll let me put it back together. I’m not sure how many breaths I have left, but I’ll use each and every last one fighting for what I destroyed. My name is Laney Jacobs and this is my journey.
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Atlantic Island aic-1

For once, seventeen year old Theo Essex thought he could put aside his worries and just enjoy himself. A summer weekend at the shore. An evening with his friends. A beautiful girl in his arms. That was before the event. Now Theo finds himself stranded in a strange new world, surrounded by death and the sea, and trapped between rival forces determined to take control of survivors like him. Facing overwhelming odds, Theo must search for the strength to escape Atlantic Island. The critically acclaimed title from author Fredric Shernoff has garnered national attention by bringing sci-fi, action, adventure and romance to the popular locale of a Jersey Shore that is both sentimentally similar and eerily different from our own. Atlantic Island is the first book of a planned trilogy.
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In Search of Spice

In Search of Spice is an epic historical fantasy romance, set in a world very similar to our own 12th century Europe. 

Captain Larroche is the veteran master of the good ship Queen Rose, named after the beloved late Queen, the first carrack to be built in Harrhein. For Harrhein is trapped, unable to trade due to pirates cutting off the only trade route. In every other direction is endless ocean. Captain Larroche is charged with finding a new trade route, to the fabled land of Hind, and he proposes to sail over the edge of the world to find it. No wonder he has trouble finding crew.

The young people he assembles, strengthened by a squad of frontier veteran Royal Pathfinders, are more than a match for known enemies. How will they handle people of another colour, with strange habits, peculiar food, treacherous officials, different languages and customs that defy belief?

Climb aboard for a swashbuckling cruise into new lands and people, with strange animals and different ways of looking at the world. The pages ring with cultures clashing.
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