For Jenny's Sake

Eight years ago Erin Harrow fled her hometown in the wake of shame and scandal. She is back now as Erin Bennett, the widow of recently deceased billionaire Sheldon Bennett. She has returned to claim what is hers and to set the record straight on some important issues.Gabe Harrow has never recovered from his ex-wife's flight into oblivion. He has never forgiven her for disappearing without leaving a trace. She is back now and determined to take from him the one thing that gives his life meaning.
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Kiss Me, I'm Irish

Romance. 29294 words long.
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Romance. 30989 words long. First published in, 2006
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Frozen Heart

The new Accent Amour romance by popular author Carol MacLean. Jenna MacKenzie has reached a low point in her life - she's lost her business, her home and her boyfriend. Reluctantly she goes to live with her step-family where she's treated like Cinderella. Then she meets Gus, a handsome stranger with his own problems. When they fall in love it looks like Jenna will get her own fairytale happy-ever-after – but there are troubles to overcome before Jenna and Gus can finally reach for a life and love together...
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