Ebony Cougar Barebacked (younger/older, menage, bwwm, interracial, outdoor)

With her husband away on business, this sexy Black MILF is looking for some fun.Desperate for a younger and lighter skinned piece of meat. She seeks to seduce the delivery man. Her motto - ‘the size of the package matters’ and she’ll ‘guarantee she will come on schedule!’Roshando is not your average housewife. A stunning black woman that could make the toughest of men melt.. As the delivery man knocks on the door offering to drop of a package, she takes advantage of the perfect timing. Getting her ‘fill’ of her action, ‘deep and without protection’, she soon finds herself ‘caught and exposed.’ WarningThis 5000 word short story contains mature themes including ménage, interracial, bareback sex and a black MILF quest on conquering her mission on filling her holes with the largest and whitest………. Excerpt“You’ve done very good work so far, David. Why don’t stand up and stretch for a moment- let me do some of the work while you have a break, “ she joked. As he stood up, her hands quickly went about taking his belt off and unzipping his fly. Her hands teased his hardening c over his underwear, putting a huge w** spot on his boxer shorts. The anticipation was killing David and he breathed very hard. Without warning, she had his underwear off and her robe fell off of her completely, revealing her luscious, perfect body in its full glory. She got down on her knees and took his c in her hand stroking it very slowly at first. “There now, here’s your first reward for a job well done. You’ve passed the audition,” she said smiling as she increased the speed of her strokes, going all of the way up and down his c as he gasped with pleasure. Then, again without warning her mouth was on him and she was working his c so far back into her throat, she gagged. Then she slowed down, stopping to ………..
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Facesitting the Robber

*****Ready for your punishment? Lay down and prepare to get smothered!***** Sexy young vigilante Christine tracks down the elusive male robber. Proud in both her craft and her busty young busty. The Domme is primed to tease the guilty and lead him him to his deserved punishement.
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