I Confess

A shattering novel of intrigue and terror. From the golden sunshine of Hollywood, where a man is given the most desperate and dangerous assignment of his life. To the streets of Munich, where memories of Nazi evil mingle with the murderous menaces of today. To an underground web of intrigue in Vienna, where the final terrifying act of a drama of guilt and retribution reaches its nervetwisting climax. The most torrid passion and brutal instincts of men and women are laid bare as action moves to a new peak and suspense reaches a new high in the all-time great triumph by one of the best selling authours of our day.Original title: Ich gestehe alles
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The Monte Cristo Cover-Up

Driven from his cherished London home by circumstances beyond his control, Thomas Lieven -- ladies man, pacifist and gourmand -- reluctantly finds himself forced to work as a secret agent for no less than four countries on various fronts of wartime Europe: England, France, Germany and the United States, before, during and after WWII.This book includes the recipes of the gourmet meals which Lieven prepares for friend and, sometimes, foe, during his manifold adventures, and which are a treat entirely in their own right.
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The Berlin Connection

Nazi savagery. Famous Hollywood actor. Sinister doctor and fiendish torture. Young girl enslaved by secret passion. Woman with no boundaries.
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The Traitor Blitz

Adriaan Lindhout, a Dutch chemist, takes place during World War II means that the same analgesic effect as morphine, but absolut not addictive. If his laboratory in Rotterdam was bombed, he gets the opportunity to put his work in Berlin and, if the ground to hot for him there is, in Vienna. However, as he is called in the belly of the beast, especially if it is discovered that he was of Jewish descent.
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