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Winston has designs on Jessica the moment he sees her on the street. After deciding he must have her, Winston sets about seducing the pretty young mom, and making sure he has her husband’s blessing. But no great plan comes off without a hitch, and when Winston meets Jessica’s best friend Nicole he finds his attention split. Can Winston seduce Jessica while romancing her best friend? Will Nicole
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Grooming Kitty: A BDSM Romance

Katherine is much like any other twenty-year-old, eager to become an adult and get on with her life. She just has to get through one more boring summer of living under her parents roof, sitting for the neighbors, and hanging out with friends in her sleepy little town. Only this summer would be anything but boring.  After being caught snooping where she doesn't belong, Katherine is introduced to a whole new world, and the innocent good girl she once was becomes Kitty, the perfect pet to her new Master. Grooming Kitty is the gripping tale of one young woman's journey as she learns the ropes and rules to please, written by Kirsten McCurran, author of Because He's Watching and Hot Dates: Becoming a Shared Wife.
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Sydney's Sin (A Xmas Wife Watching Fantasy)

Kevin does not have he expected reaction when his wife, Sydney, tells him her old office crush, Nick, made a pass at her during a company Christmas party. Instead of storming off to deck his nemesis, Kevin instead tells Sydney that the thought of her in Nick's arms, kissing Nick, turns him on. Sydney is confused, and aroused herself, but she can't believe her ears when her husband suggests that if Nick should hit on her again, perhaps she should not push the younger man away. When Sydney disappears from the party with Nick again, Kevin can't just sit back and wait. He needs to know what's happening, and when he peeks through a bedroom window he is astonished by what he sees. His proper wife is a sex goddess in Nick's arms, giving herself to the younger man fully. Can Kevin ever erase Sydney's Sin from his mind?
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Hot Dates 2: Living as a Shared Wife

Now that she's a shared wife, what comes next?  After Dave confessed his longtime wife-watching fantasy to Dana, there was no going back. Now he stays home and Dana dates, capturing her illicit liaisons on hidden video. As Dana embraces this new lifestyle, Dave becomes uneasy with his wife's increasing absences and begins to question it all. But his addiction to her exploits is growing and he can’t ask her to stop. He’s not even sure she would. Dana wonders what it means when there are no boundaries. Is nothing off the menu? And when she uses her body so freely, how can her marriage possibly remain the same?  Read Hot Dates 2: Living as a Shared Wife and explore the consequences of Dana and Dave's decision to open their marriage to other men.
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Hot Dates: Becoming a Shared Wife

Most women would throw something at their husband if he asked them to sleep with other men. But Dana is NOT most women. Dana and Dave have a history of adventurous, kinky fun, so she's not exactly stunned when Dave confesses his long held secret fantasy. After some careful thought, Dana agrees and they proceed slowly. Hot Dates is a collection of vignettes exploring how Dana and Dave came to the point that she's about to walk out of a bar to sleep with another man--while her husband watches them leave. Dana knows it's a huge step into the unknown and can't help wondering if their marriage can survive.
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Swinging Saved Our Marriage

Kyra and Ethan, married for over 10 years, realize they have drifted apart as husband and wife. Kyra is on the verge of an affair and Ethan is getting his sexual gratification elsewhere as well. When the couple confronts the loss of the spark in their marriage, they decide maybe the way back to each other is to indulge their fantasies. Kyra and Ethan put up an ad on a swingers' website and agree to stay open to wherever their adventures take them!
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Queen of Hearts

Finn has not been dating Alycia for long, but he already suspects she has a wild side. She is already the most sexually adventurous, fun woman he's ever been with, and every time he thinks he's found her limits she surprises him. So when Finn picks Alycia up for a Halloween party and he sees her over-the-top sexy costume, he has a strange feeling that the night is going to get very interesting. And in the wee hours, when everyone’s been drinking and inhibitions are low, the real Alycia comes out. Finn doesn’t know how to handle what he sees of his girlfriend—he’s torn between jealousy and lust as he watches her seduce another man. Will he stop Alycia or sit back and enjoy the show?
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Domestic Bliss: A Tale of Two Couples

When Gary loses his job and becomes a stay-at-home dad he knows it will change his life, but he could never have guessed the ways it would change life for all those around him. Alexandra, his wife, returns to practicing law—and returns to wearing the kind of sexy business attire she knows will bring the attention she craves. And then there are Gary and Alexandra’s best friends, Maggie and Adam. Adam has always had a thing for Alexandra, and he uses after work happy hours to flirt with her mercilessly. Meanwhile back at home, Maggie teaches Gary the ropes of being an at-home parent and the two grow closer than ever. Will these two couples cross lines and break their vows, or will they come together and agree upon an arrangement that fulfills everyone’s desires? When two couples become so intertwined, what does domestic bliss really mean?
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Hot Dates 3: Consequences of Being a Shared Wife

Opening your marriage is not easy, as Dana and Dave learned the hard way. It all started with Dave’s fantasy of sharing his wife, but as Dana learned to like dating she began to chart her own path, which was not always what Dave envisioned. In the searing finale chapter of this hotwife trilogy, they deal with the aftermath of Dana losing control, her growing desires, and Dave’s evolving fantasies. Can Dana and Dave come together and use their adventures to grow a stronger union, or will Dana’s dating tear them apart? Be there for the shocking climax .
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