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Ever My Merlin (Book 3, My Merlin Series)

In the final chapter of the My Merlin series, a high school girl and Merlin battle a former ally while searching for the legendary Healing Cup to save the world from an upcoming natural disaster.
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My Boyfriend Merlin (Book 1, My Merlin Series)

Student president Arianne DuLac just found out her badass biker ex-boyfriend, Matt, is a little older than he was letting on. By a few eons.
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My Merlin Awakening (Book 2, My Merlin Series)

RISE OF THE FISHER KING. If you haven't broken the rules, have you really lived? Excalibur has been pulled from the stone, but what does it mean? Arriane (aka Ryan) DuLac doesn’t really care. She’s got bigger problems—as student president, she’s got to put on the Prom. While the Wizard Council debates their next move, she leaves the craziness behind and heads home.
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