Facade of Evil and Other Tales from 'Heathen with Teeth'

Four disturbing tales of a violent struggle between vampiric rebels and the oppressive human Realm, set in a world where you need to be a monster to be a hero.This haunting anthology features four tales of oppression, loss, uncertainty and death. Set in the world of the forthcoming novel, 'Heathen with Teeth', these stories will introduce you to vampires, facists, idealists and rebels. You will discover a world quite unlike any you have seen before, where survival means surrendering your morality and your mortality.
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All Night Long, I Remember You

They fell in love when their past wouldn't have allowed them to. Two friends crossed the boundaries of a horizon where only a few had gone. Those who survived vowed never to return again. Will the future be kinder?They fell in love when their past wouldn't have allowed them to. Two friends crossed the boundaries of a horizon where only a few had gone. Those who survived vowed never to return again. When Ricah met her thesis mentor,Juffy Howe, in college, she never expected to fall in love. But she did.Unknown to both of them, they both shared a past that has not ceased to gnaw them until the present. With such a potent emotion for one another, they attempted to get over and heal themselves from the past only to realize, they cannot forget. Will the future be kinder?
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Things don't have to be picture-perfect. You can embrace life amidst the imperfections for being real...A wedding proposal, an upcoming promotion, a lifestyle to die for—a woman's dream come true. But not for Ella. Somehow, somewhere she knows she is missing out on something. That something which the picture-perfect of what the moment has to offer cannot quench the thirst for what she calls life.Loving life amidst the imperfections for being real...
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As Time Goes By

Alice Taylor brings the reader with her on her 80th birthday year. Alice had a big birthday on the horizon, the village was about to celebrate many milestones, and she had just received the gift of a book focusing her on the art of living well. So she decided to write about her year as it unfolded, to keep a journal of the big events, and record the twists and turns normal life brings to all of us in just one year. But 2018 turned out to be far from normal, with storms, snow blizzards, blistering sun, severe drought and water shortages. She describes the challenges of all these dramatic weather changes. Alice began the year wondering how she would feel about reaching eighty. She was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was just another milestone on a journey that is still varied and interesting. Here she writes about these feelings, and the many pleasant and challenging events of her eightieth year.
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Shades of Gray: A Jude Magdalyn Novel

Review"This book is not the typical vampire/supernatural book....I not only loved the story and the book but I also loved the characters. Don't missout on this book." --Untamed Book Reviews"L M Pruitt has created a dark story with flashes of colour and an apt title, with a heroine whom you find yourself urging on in her battles which are both physical and emotional. " --Neil Kirby, All-Review About the AuthorL.M. Pruitt has been reading and writing for as long as she can remember. A native of Florida with a love of New Orleans, she has the uncanny ability to find humor in most things and would probably kill a plastic plant. Follow her at http://lmpruitt.blogspot.com/
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Home For Christmas

Join Alice Taylor this Christmas as she welcomes us into her home and shows us the traditions of her family's Christmas. Alice looks back over her past Christmases and prepares for this Christmas. With all the warmth of a winter fire, Alice takes us through the exciting preparation for Christmas from getting the perfect tree to baking those very crucial puddings and pies. Alice also give us a intimate insight into her Christmas Eve and Christmas day rituals and talks us through her favourite Christmas recipes. She tells how the Christmas foods were made when she was a child, using the bastable and the range, and how she prepares them now. Alice loves Christmas and her huge enjoyment of the season fills this book with pleasure and delight.
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The Village

The third volume of Alice Taylor's unique memoir of life in the Irish countryside. A massive bestseller with universal appeal.
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How Art Made the World

By the charismatic host of the PBS miniseries "How Art Made the World," a compelling and gorgeously illustrated account of how humans made art and how art makes us human
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Into the Trees

Harriet Norton won't stop crying. Her parents, Ann and Thomas, are being driven close to insanity and only one thing will help. Mysteriously, their infant daughter will only calm when she's under the ancient trees of Bleasdale forest.The Nortons sell their town-house and set up home in an isolated barn. Secluded deep in the forest, they are finally approaching peace - until one night a group of men comes through the trees, ready to upend their lives and threaten everything they've built.Into the Trees is the story of four dispossessed people, drawn to the forest in search of something they lack and finding their lives intertwining in ways they could never have imagined. In hugely evocative and lyrical writing, Robert Williams lays bare their emotional lives, set against the intense and mysterious backdrop of the forest. Compelling and haunting, Into the Trees is a magisterial novel.
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