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Tessa's Wishes (Whispered Wishes #3)

Tessa Haines never imagined she’d be a single mom at the age of twenty-two. Jilted at the altar by her college boyfriend, she had no choice but to drop her dreams of a career in the theater for a more lucrative job in finance. Between working overtime for her unappreciative and over-demanding boss and taking care of her daughter, Tessa had no time for a social life. Nor was she anxious to have one. Men couldn’t be trusted. Period. However, when Todd Mitchell, the handsome assistant of one of her wealthy clients comes to her office, she begins to have second thoughts. Is it safe to let Todd into her heart, or will her heart and wishes be broken once again?
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Ava's Wishes

Ava Haines had big plans for her life. Her short-term goals included passing Statistics (on the third try), graduating college on time, and securing a job in the art gallery on Main Street. Her long-term goal was to one day own an art gallery of her very own. Oh sure, she would some day like to fall in love and get married, but all of that was secondary to making sure her other goals were in line. Fellow student Max Wallis, and esteemed photographer Thomas Malloy, were just minor distractions she was more than capable of handling. She was entitled to a little fun once in a while, right? However, as reality takes a tumble, Ava begins to wonder if she really can manage it all. Will all her wishes come true?
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Holly's Wishes

Holly Haines first met Ben Oakes when she was just sixteen years old. For Holly, it was love at first kiss—at least in her sixteen year old mind. Sadly though, Ben didn’t seem quite as interested. When a chance meeting reunites them ten years later, Holly discovers he had feelings for her all along. But not everything is as simple as it seems when she realizes they can’t be together. Was fate playing a cruel joke on them, or will Holly find a way to make all her wishes come true?
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